Editing and composition: Tian Leng

It’s the 73rd day of my life under quarantine. Living next to two major hospitals in Manhattan, I have been so close (and so distant) to the fearless care workers who are still fighting against COVID-19. Outside my windows, I hear the clapping and cheering to the front-line workers at 7pm every day; inside my apartment, I sleep, work, play, bake, eat, and repeat.

The film was published in the Society of Cinema and Media Studies’ SCMS+ and was included in its “Short Attention Span Criticism” collection that featured short-form scholarly works on the relationship between media and the pandemic.

Leng, Tian, “The Routine.” SCMS+, June 2020, http://www.cmstudies.org/resource/resmgr/scmsplus/Leng_The_Routine.pdf.

“Dear Friend Chinatown”

Now streaming in CUNY TV’s “Short Docs” series!

DOC NYC 2019 Official Selection.

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2019 Official Selection.

Chinese American Film Festival 2019 Official Selection.

The 42nd Asian American International Film Festival Official Selection.

CUNY Asian American Film Festival Documentary Runner Up.

This poetic documentary explores the everyday life in the Chinatown of Downtown NYC in the form of a letter written to a friend.

Role: writer, director, cinematographer, editor

Camera: Sony FS100

Software: Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, Avid Pro Tools