Sound Re-design – Aliens (1986)

ADR and foley design of the 3-min scene in James Cameron’s Aliens (1986) movie. Mixed in Avid Pro Tools 2018.

In the scene of “Sub Level 3”, a team of Marines enters the area “sub level 3” looking for the surviving colonists, but they encounter a “facehugger” going out of a survivor’s stomach. They are not aware of the amount of “xenomorphs” that are waking up around them……

In the project, all sound clips except for the soundtracks “Sub Level 3” and “Queen to Bishop” composed by Jame Horner, are recorded in studio, synthesized, or from sound library.

Original clip:

My version:

  1. Technical details

DAW: Avid Pro Tools 2018

Microphones: Tascam TM 280, Sennheiser MKE 600, Sennheiser ME 2, Audio Technica AT2020

Audio Interfaces: Rode AI 1, Sound Devices MixPre 3

Audio Recorder: Tascam DR 40

Synthesizer: Synth One

Track number: 51

screenshot (21)

2. Record and Mix:

a. fire torch

recording a real fire torch with Tascam TM280; add EQ, compression, and “doppler effect” with auto pan.

b. facehugger

mix pig screaming, male inhaling sound, and male screaming sound. EQ+compression+pitch shift.

The sound of alien bones is actually that of bamboo, hair is a bunch of dry lavender,  stomach is plastic bag, the smeary, sticky xenomorph movement is soap with towel……

Many thanks to my colleagues and friends for doing the voice performance!

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